September 7, 2014
Remember Your Humanity and Forget The Rest

After man discovered nuclear power— a force which could end all life, and found nowhere in any of the mythology that had guided him for millions of years on earth, what followed was fear and also, the primal recognition of opportunity.

Fear came from not having any recorded myth to help him know what to do with this force. Opportunity came from seeing he was now beyond the myths that had defined him.

Not far into the dawn of the nuclear age, Albert Einstein declared there were in fact only two choices before man resulting in opposite ends.  The first choice would be to maintain our way of thinking prior to the dawn of the nuclear age in which mankind accepted that disagreements be resolved through war.  The second choice was that mankind renounced war and violence and destroyed its weapons.   

If it is true that continued life on planet earth depends on this choice, it follows that we should look very closely to see if our news and information system— which is most responsible for shaping judgement— is promoting violence or peace.

When we do, of course, we find that our news and information system is not currently set to allow mankind to survive.  An all-consuming focus on short term profits— in place for decades— has glorified violence in entertainment and in news, has shaped the thinking of millions of people to believe that man is incapable of renouncing violence and that violence and weaponry is man’s only hope for security— which is precisely the thinking Einstein warned would lead to no other end than man’s demise.  

If a system set up to inform and guide people hasn’t gotten this right, what good is any of its information?  The ever-increasing failure of our media system to promote peace and to renounce violence proves it has lost its legitimacy.  It also makes clear that we must put in place a nationwide system of information that reaches everyone that is independent of the dominant media which have thus far proven incapable of solving problems we must solve if we are to survive. 

September 7, 2014

September 6, 2014